Brisbane City Cycling

Established in 2020, Brisbane City Cycling was born out of a Saturday morning tradition ride to the West End Markets. Our passion is demonstrating the best that Brisbane has to offer whilst still having the time to enjoy the surrounds.

Allowing you to cover more ground then walking, but spend more time immersed in the environment that in a car, Brisbane’s bike paths give you front row access to the Brisbane River, taking in views you simply can’t see driving through the city. Brisbane’s sub-tropical climate is wonderful for spending time outdoors in the Autumn to Spring months (Summer is rather challenging) with our beautiful climate and weather inviting you to get out and get amongst it.

Your Guide

A local Queenslander and a Brisbane resident since 2011 (arriving on the day of the last major city flood) Helen is a proud river city transplant and an avid participant of bike tours on her travels. As a biking enthusiast, Helen delights in showing people around “Brisvegas” and its Queensland charms.

Queenslanders are a particular breed of Australians with a laid-back attitude that our southern cousins can only admire. It’s an attitude bred out of years of beautiful clear skies and monsoon rains, not wearing shoes and knowing who your neighbours are. Helen, raised in Cairns, has it in spades, just ask her!

Taking up biking as her primary commuting means in 2008, Helen has travelled the world under her own steam, but is proudest to call Brisbane home. Brisbane is the best that Queensland has to offer, combining city functionality with neighbourhoods of mates all set in the pristine Moreton Bay. Helen is excited to show you her neighbourhood and introduce you to some of her favourite spots in Brisbane, continuing her Saturday morning tradition and sharing it with you as her guests.

*She expects to be considered a local in the next twenty or so years.