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Tour Brisbane
Brisbane’s Howard Smith Wharves

Brisbane is a fabulous place to visit all year round with our sub-tropical climate and friendly nature welcoming visitors from around the world. Built around the Brisbane River (creative naming we know), the Brisbane CBD stretches and bends around the riverbanks, which are conveniently lined with cycle paths.

1. You get to sample the best of the Brisbane CBD

The original white settlement for Brisbane is now the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, evolving to a city whose main precincts vie for the best river frontage (South Bank, the Howard Smith Wharves, Kangaroos Point cliffs and the performing arts precinct).

2. Low impact exercise, to ensure you can indulge in guilt free coffee stops

Pedalling through the different parklands along the river loop (again with the creative naming) biking let’s you work up an appetite whilst burning off the calories so you are ready to enjoy the best Brisbane’s café and coffee scene have to offer.

3. Riding a bike is just like, well riding a bike

On foot, it is a lot of ground to cover, but on a bike, with the wind in your hair, cycling past Brisbane city’s main attractions is just damn good fun.

4. Who doesn’t love the breeze in their hair?

We are not going to pretend the river is always blue, it is an estuary meaning quite often (~360 days a year) the water is brown, but the river breeze more than makes up for it.

5. There were four great reasons, but five sounds better

Alright we were being a bit cute. Actually as the pathways are largely pedestrian/bike separated, it is a great way to enjoy a bike ride away from the dangers of the road. And it just so happens that where the bike ways mingle people and bikes, they are generally great spots to take it easy, meandering through the pedestrian traffic and taking in the vibe.