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2020, what a ride it’s been so far.* As we start to come out of isolation this weekend in Queensland (within our own households with an optional plus one) it isn’t a great surprise to hear that bike sales are a bright spot in retail.

Let’s get a bit philosophical here, it took a global pandemic for most of us (yes we are generalising) to stop and take stock of what was important: our family, our friends and our collective health. For the first time in a long time as a society we have been forced to focus on the “Health” in “Health and Safety”. And we have been limited in how to get our exercise fix in the great outdoors, no team sport, staying local and staying apart.

In a time of social distancing, bikes come with a great set of handlebars and two wheels to help us maintain the 1.5m whilst we look after our health. With a bike you cover more ground than a walk, are gentle on your knees and the bike helmet helps hide your self isolation lack of hair dressing.

Brisbane has some absolutely fabulous bike path infrastructure keeping you largely out of the traffic. The river loop (a large part of which forms part of our bike tour), the tracks from the bay to the mountains are good fun to explore, taking in the creeks and back ways to this great city.

At Brisbane City Cycling we are very much looking forward to running our tours, highlighting the best that the Brisbane river has to offer. But until we can, and even then, we would love to see more people out there riding in Brisbane. See you on the bike paths very soon!

Brisbane Bike Tours

*The author is very proud of this pun.