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To City Cycle or to Brisbane City Cycle?

By July 16, 2020July 27th, 2020Tours

With our beautiful Brisbane winter, now is the ultimate time to get out and about on a bike. But which bike to choose? Hire a City Cycle or join a tour with Brisbane City Cycling? Well we have some thoughts!

The City Cycle scheme in Brisbane is awesome, we love the convenience it offers for short commutes. But with just three gears, City Cycle bikes are heavy and truly struggle with the uphill challenge of Brisbane. Brisbane City Cycling offers you a brand new, well maintained and serviced bike option. We have chosen a stylish model, with an all important set of seven gears. And whilst an additional four gears might not sound like much, each and every gear counts going over the bridges of Brisbane.

All smiles on our guided tour

Our guided tour takes you on a 14 km river side path, stopping to discuss the historic markers along the way (and take the best photos). Contextualising the history of Brisbane as you ride offers a unique insight into our river city and it’s indigenous and recent history. A much better option than stopping every 30 minutes to exchange bikes to avoid the extra charges on City Cycle.

Helen is a local and has clocked up more river loops then she chooses to remember, which saves you trying to work out, “where to next?” on your bike ride. Our Saturday morning tour is a loop, introducing you to Brisbane’s fabulous network of bike paths. If you want to get a handle on where else you can safely ride on bike paths Helen is happy to guide you on your options for your next ride having spent most weekends out exploring the network.

Lastly we take the hassle out of the hygiene for you, hygienically cleaning and sanitising our bikes and helmets before and after your tour.

Convinced that Brisbane City Cycling beats a City Cycle? So are we!

Head to Our Tour page to learn more, or Click Here to Book Now.

We are looking forward to taking you for a Spin!