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Bike selfies at Southbank

In June 2020, Queensland is for Queenslanders and so say all of us (or the Premier). So as a local, why would you do a tour of our Brisvegas, Brisbane Town or Brisneyland?

First up let me start by saying that having moved to Brisbane at the start of the 2011 floods, I feel I qualify as a local. Luckily there isn’t a test for that, can you imagine what that would look like?

Now that my legitimacy to write this article is established let’s continue, with my nine years of experience in the river city, why tour your home ground?

First off, Brisbane’s riverside bike paths are a straight up pleasure any day of the week. You are separated from the traffic, the river by your side, the wind in your hair, the sun burning your face (just kidding, we have sunscreen!) being outside, pedalling under your own steam in our beautiful city is a bit fabulous.

The beauty of our natural environment in Brisbane extends to our built environment. You will of course be familiar with the Kangaroo Point cliffs, but our tour offers two more chances to see the, “Brisbane Tuff” in our built environment, with the early Brisbane settlement using the beautiful pink tones of the cliff side to build.

Exploring the botanic gardens, southbank parklands and davies park all in a morning gives us a great chance to soak in the green heart of the city. It’s also the focal point for a few Brisbane “firsts”. I honestly love that the lamington was invented at Old Governor’s House. I think it’s really cool that the first Jacaranda in Australia was grown in our very own botanic gardens and that the world’s first demonstration of public electricity was lighting up our very own Queen Street.

And of course, with a tour guide you essentially have the morning off! You will be guided through the city, have a chance to relax at the Davies Park Markets and enjoy a stress free start to the weekend.

So whether you come for the thrill of a ride, to learn a bit about Brisbane or just to burn off some iso calories, join me any Saturday morning as we ride around Brisbane. The offer extends past June!